US Conference of Mayors on Police Reform

Black and white sign being held over a crowd that reads Stop Police BrutalityIn response to public outcry for police reform, The United States Conference of Mayors‘ has released their Report on Police Reform and Racial Justice.

As local representatives, U.S. mayors are held accountable for what happens in their communities. This includes acknowledging failures of current policing systems in order to better support the those tasked with keeping local neighborhoods safe.

Some suggested focal points of the report include increasing funding for social services, identifying appropriate methods for policing protests, and emphasizing the importance of “community policing.”

Suggested ways for local officers to build and maintain trust with the communities they serve include always bearing in mind and operating in a way that puts the sanctity of life first (regardless of race, gender, religion, etc.), practicing and promoting de-escalation tactics, and working closely with behavioral health professionals during incidents that require crisis intervention.

Finally, the authors acknowledge that true reform cannot be accomplished without transparency and accountability. Adapting new technologies, working together with police unions, and holding fellow officers accountable will be necessary in order to create safer communities.

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Author: Emily Bruza