President Donald Trump Holds a News Conference 8/13/20

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Author: {One America News Network}

One thought on “President Donald Trump Holds a News Conference 8/13/20”

  1. Hypothetically speaking, The President of Canada, China, Cuba, Poland, France, Vietnam, North Korea and Venezuela, all arrive in the US with their spouses that just happen to be pregnant. They arrive with an entourage of support people, all with their spouses, and their wives are all pregnant.They could be on vacation in the US, which is personal, or they could be here on business or government activities, (Meeting at the UN). They are all here legally. No one is breaking any laws of the US by being here. Then as luck or providence would have it, all of these women give birth on US soil. Their children are now US citizens with a US birth certificate. These children may or may not stay in the US, or they might come back to the US to go to school or come to live as an American citizen. At age 35 that person or persons that are Naturalized citizens can then become President of the United States? This is where Naturalized and Natural Born Citizen hit a major bump in our constitutional republic. These terms are not codified or defined by law. They should be Codified and defined by law. Our constitutional republic is in jeopardy without having a definition for Natural Born Citizen that is codified and put into law. Congress should define and pass a law that defines the term.