#MMSHCQ: Herd Agenda 2030, TP$ Funded AI Slav_ry #NaturalHumans

8/13: Today, President Trump says NO to Mask National Mandate and Patriots react…Meanwhile, UAE/Israel "peace deal" illustrates smart grid plan for Middle East…

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If you want to look into M M S:





Laser treatment great success for Franken-V:

Marjorie Greene wins primary in GA!

ISIS felon released today for "ten years of home" regulation!!

Rhode Island ISIS terror sympathizer sent home by Boston judge

Moderna fails to disclose costs to BARDA:

Moderna awarded 1.5 billion of US TP$ for 100 m of mrna v a x:

Moderna reaches $1.5B deal with feds to make 100 million coronavirus vaccine doses

Abraham Accord will birth Neom:

G00gle funded, MTX in Texas, now performing illegal tracing:

MTX contract puts Gov Abbott underground…

WATCH: CORONAVIRUS PLAN Exposed: Soros, Clinton, Fauci, Gates, CPS, Pelosi

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Podesta plays Biden in COG wargaming:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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