NASA scrubs data, imagery, which shows massive retrograde brown dwarf star system approaching ecliptic plane

Massive coverup at the highest level exposed: Brown dwarf star system, a.k.a. Nibiru is moving in and NASA is hiding it

Side by side comparison (Altered image on left, original image on right)

In what can only be considered a coverup of the highest magnitude it appears that the National Aeronautics Space Administration has scrubbed Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment data and imagery files that confirm a massive brown dwarf star system is currently passing through our inner solar system and is doing so at a trajectory and declination that’s inconsistent with any of the eight known and most identifiable planets.

The bombshell information obtained exclusively by Intellihub reveals that a faction inside NASA purposefully censored data that pertains specifically to the sun’s binary component which is believed by many top academics to be a dormant brown dwarf star system.

Unaltered imagery from May 30 reveals the substellar object sustains a number of planets and respective moons.

The system appears to be traveling in retrograde to our system passing behind the sun at an inclined declination not consistent with the solar systems ecliptic plane.

A number of planets appear to be revolving around the failed star in a counter-clockwise motion as the failed star can be seen flying southward at an angle.

Needless to say, NASA hastily scrubbed the imagery from Innerweb before replacing it with counterfeit data–but don’t worry–Intellihub got ahold of the original imagery and now the rest is history.

The facts

It all started on May 29 when the rogue flying system entered NASA’s LASCO instrument’s field of view at 23:06:14 UTC time. The object is traveling left to right in a clockwise fashion.


One day later on May 30 at 23:42:07 UTC time, the entire system moved into LASCO’s view. Take note of the declination of the object’s orbital bodies and the massive size of the object itself which appears to rival the sun.


Video link: May 30 – LASCO C3

The March 30 LASCO data is the last that can be found in the U.S. Navy’s daily index and no other data has been made publicly available. Moreover, NASA went to extreme levels to cover up what the LASCO instrument captured on May 29 and 30.

The next image released by NASA and obtained by Intellihub reveals complete and total agency manipulation of the data and imagery altogether and raises a major red flag. As you can see in the next image, the footage has been rotated counter-clockwise to make it appear as if the incoming brown dwarf star system is moving along our system’s ecliptic when in reality it’s not and it’s actually traveling in an inclined declination. Not to mention, the border of the image has been altered and changed to a darker blue and the writing on the bottom of the image has been altered. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not normal!


To boot, the object is much smaller than the original object! Look at the time stamp! Look at the dark blue border! Compare the images! WTF! This is a massive coverup, people!

Side by side comparison (Altered image on left, original image on right)

The last images of the object were snapped on May 31.


You can see in the images just how far the object traveled in such a short span over the course of just one day.


The massive object appears to be nearly the size, if not the same size, as the sun.

Additionally, it’s fair to report that the sun has been acting extremely unusual lately and NASA has been covering that up too. In fact, back in mid-April, there was a major dual coronal mass ejection of the sun and the data was scrubbed.

On or around April 14 something major happened to the sun which sent out a multidirectional dynamic Coronial Mass Ejection (CME) out in two separate and opposite directions from the sun which is not typical.


“In order for this to happen something had to happen the sun as a whole,” the director of Wages World YouTube channel explained in his latest video. “This did not happen from a sunspot–a sunspot did not cause this.”

“Judging by this graph we are going to see some effects from this,” he said. “There is something odd about this one.”

Shortly after, on April 16, renown Planet X researcher Marshall Masters appeared on episode #4 of the Intellihub Podcast where he theorized the recent and rare Coronial Mass Ejection (CME) of the sun may have been triggered by the passage of a brown dwarf star across the ecliptic plane from south to the north.

“If my hypothesis is correct that what we are reporting here with this unusual CME is that it is crossing the ecliptic–the upshot of that is clean the guest rooms folks Hell’s coming to visit for a damn long stay,” Masters explained.

“Now, here’s how it’s going to play out–let me try and paint a picture of this for everybody,” he said. “Nemesis is a brown dwarf star probably about twice the size of Jupiter and it is surrounded by a dust cloud of iron.”

…”a brown dwarf star has enough mass to ignite but it doesn’t sustain a nuclear furnace so to speak as our sun does,” Masters explained. “But nonetheless, it can provide a habitable zone for planets.”

Additional source footage:

May 31 – LASCO C3

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