#MedicalSharia: Our Future Staring Us in OUR FACE! #WeDoNotConsent

8/4: With the election 90 days away, we FACE Reality- Act Now or be a sl_ve in the NWO, Liberal World Order plan for total ASI UN control of Humanity in the medical and Ag_nda 2030 smart planetary grid!

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Learn about how you can fight the Franken V tyranny:

Muslim women say "everyone now understands it" that westerners now forced to wear face masks, but not as if its a bad thing!:
Muslim Women React As World Wears Coronavirus Face Masks: ‘Everyone Suddenly Understands It!’

MN AG, K_ith Ellis_n, accused of multiple sexual assaults, says women who are raped should not call police:

SICK: Current Minnesota AG and Accused Woman Abuser Keith Ellison Says He Doesn’t Want Police to Respond to Rape Calls

YALE and Feds study how to psychologically make USA accept V A X:

Russia planning October mass CV V A X:

SK Cult leader arrested:

Ripple of Hope UN bootlicker award:
Fa_ci to receive RFK award for social progress! A UN human rights award:

Ali Fa_ci, daughter, Twitter software engineer- and all Doctors taken off twitter…

Fauci’s Daughter Ali Fauci Is A Software Engineer For Twitter

Ka_pern_ck, China, Saudi…

Germans come out in the hundreds of thousands to protest fake V lockdown rules:
AIClear to give facial recognition access into sports arenas:

The Coming Artilect War- Augmented transhumanists will try to genocide natural humans in the coming 4th Industrial AI robotics revolution:

Kodak gets massive federal loan to produce generic pharma drugs:

Inhaled nano-biotech sensors, MIT:

A test you can breathe in: Scientists are developing synthetic biosensors to monitor lung disease


Sh_mer and P_losi White Liberal Saviors of Blacks video:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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