#StoneColdTruth: Pardon, JFKjr, Bio-weapons USA #UnityUSA

7/9: Trump discloses possible Pardon for St_ne and we see B_den fail again in front of cameras, while POTUS passes Walter Reed Cognitive test with flying colors…Meanwhile, N_zi Cab_l controls our society, health, media-history!…

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Howie Carr interview with POTUS signals St_ne pardon, backed up by Hannity interview tonight:

President Trump tells Howie Carr: I’m ready to roar in NH!


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Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast (Please sub!) on RFK Jr with Andrew Wakefield, signal to JFK, Jr alive:

Please view 1986 THE ACT film by Andrew Wakefield:


National Notables on JFK Jr and GEORGE Magazine:



Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control

10 Nazi War Criminals Who Escaped Justice Because They Were Useful to the US


MK Ultra, Remote Controlled Slaves, Cybernetic mutation and a Zombie Empire, Paint it Blue…

US Congress Orders Pentagon to Reveal If Lyme Disease-Carrying Ticks Were Weaponized

Budesonide, off patent steroid treating people cheaply for Franken-V:

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, Vice Chair of Senate Committee on Health & Human Services attacked and speaks out about Franken-V on death certificates, etc,:

Ilh_n Omar seeks the end of America? Slavery in Somalia still rages on…

Somalia; A Racist Islamic Slave Empire

Learn about The Stand 2020, Christian resistance to tyranny:


French scholar explains the Marxist/Cab_l/Isl_m unified front in taking down the Western world exploiting democracy to launch a maoist style culture revolution to bring in the OWG:https://europe.infowars.com/french-jo…

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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