#GardenofHeroes: United Colors of Patriots vs NIH, Fa_ci & Totalitariansim

7/6: After 3 days of Celebrating America contrasted with gang shootings and murders across cab_l run sates, we see Americans standing up for freedom in spite of tyranny while the NIH plans to put shots into 90K Americans in F-V trials, most of them paid for with US TP$.

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Please sign the petition to take down porn hub:

President Trump announces National Garden of American Heroes:


Governor Kristi Noem at July 3rd Mt. Rushmore:

The release of the movie 1986 The Act will come out after midnight on Wednesday the 8th:

Big Phrma is recruiting 120K volunteers for their 3rd stage trials in Franken-V in highly unprecedented ways:

Red Cross and Private Companies seek plasma collection to develop Franken V a x:

Report: Moderna’s Phase III COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Delayed

Etymology of the word mask:

Please watch Amazing Polly on Franken-V social engineering and torture under the Geneva Convention:

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D_rshowitz says trust Ghi_laine! She’s friends with Clintons!:

Alan Dershowitz Defends Ghislaine Maxwell By Citing Her Friendship With The Clintons

Former NFL player, Marcellus Wiley, exposes B_M mission statement about ending nuclear family and "family privelege":

The Woodsen Center counters the 1619 victim narrative:


Covert, Michigan, built on racial equality after the Civil War:

Babies to be born in bio-bags, gestation run by AI:

Replacing motherhood with machines and technology was planned long ago:

The Electronic waste mountain- the GND future for Earth:

World’s pile of electronic waste grows ever higher

Example of States colluding with DS operations:

French scholar explains the Marxist/Cab_l/Isl_m unified front in taking down the Western world exploiting democracy to launch a maoist style culture revolution to bring in the OWG:https://europe.infowars.com/french-jo…

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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