#BinaryWeapon: Sado Maskism &Sl_very 4 All, Biggest Lies #PedoMaxwell

7/2: MSM Ops on CH_Z & Franken V + #’s try to divert American Eyes from reality of 5g spectrum sales, Cabal funded American Summer cultural rev coup and most importantly, the Technocratic Fascist take over of USA through Big Med…

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Occupy Peace

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Maxwell’s billionaire boyfriend:



Rape and Torture in Hong Kong as the National Security Act goes into effect today:

The full account before the Senate HELP Committee that discusses National Mask protocol, sample pooling, national shot program etc:

Amazing Polly on Maxwell sisters’ espionage for Israel using backdoor software:

To watch the excellent reporting of Bishop Larry Gaiters:

Larry Gaiters


To see the current updates on Sunr_se and Moment_m:

The full Declaration of Independence:

MUST READ: Gen. Mike Flynn article warning on the upcoming 2% DS Tyranny:

Example of States colluding with DS operations:

French scholar explains the Marxist/Cab_l/Isl_m unified front in taking down the Western world exploiting democracy to launch a maoist style culture revolution to bring in the OWG:https://europe.infowars.com/french-jo…

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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