#CornPopRising: B_den (barely)Proof of Life, Nat. Sadomaskism HELP Senate #MaoofPoo

6/30: Today, B_den rose from the crypt to disappoint all with his inability to think or speak, but manages to let Americans know he will mandate m_sks, Franken-V certifications for businesses and that, don’t worry, he has NEVER been tested…Meanwhile, The Senate HELP committee hosts the Gang of 4 who promise we will see a National Frankenstein Mandate in the near future…

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Check out Occupy Peace Rally on July 4th, Kingston, NY:

Occupy Peace

Rape and Torture in Hong Kong as the National Security Act goes into effect today:

WATCH – The Rape of Hong Kong: How The CCP Uses Sexual Violence Against Democracy Protesters



The New "probable" guidelines that throw all contacts of a Franken V positive person into pool of positives to increase infection count!

Flashback: Texas Judge Warns Number of Covid-19 Cases Artificially Inflated


NIH Fires 54 researchers funded by the Chinese Communist Party, exposing much larger system, Thousand Talents Plan, which uses US TP $ to give biotech developments to the Chinese:

U.S. National Institutes of Health Fires 54 Researchers As Ongoing Investigation Reveals 93% Failed to Disclose Links to Chinese Communist Party

Franken V has Filopedia delivery systems of HIV and Small Pox:

Dr. Faucist says new swine flu coming!:

With HIV Crisp-r ed into the Franken V, antibodies/immunity blocked:

House Police reform bill included UN troops in USA plus snipers!

Who handles Joe B_den?:

MUST READ: Gen. Mike Flynn article warning on the upcoming 2% DS Tyranny:

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don’t Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

Example of States colluding with DS operations:

French scholar explains the Marxist/Cab_l/Isl_m unified front in taking down the Western world exploiting democracy to launch a maoist style culture revolution to bring in the OWG:https://europe.infowars.com/french-journalist-marxist-islamist-coalition-waging-war-on-western-civilization/

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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