#TREASON: It Came From BHO/BIden! Franken V Redrum #AmericaUnited

6/24: Today, the Str_hk notes were released, B_den says hit Fl_nn with Logan Act! Fl_nn case to be dismissed. Meanwhile, murder of the Old by Franken V being exposed and DS doublers down with globalist medical T ism agenda…

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The Emancipation Monument, funded by freed slaves attacked by DS operatives:

I freed a thousand slaves I could… (Harriet Tubman Quote)

Harriet Tubman, American hero:



To read about the Franken V global nursing home redrums:

The HCQ M_rders funded by Gates and touted by WHO et al:


The NIH Human Connectome Project, begun in 2009, wants to map our neural pathways in order to replicate with Artificial Intelligence, run and programmed by ASI:

We Need a Nationwide Movement to Protest the Globalist techno-med-tyranny being executed worldwide- it needs to happen right now, this summer, to prevent the surveillance system that will force us all into a biotech prison system:
Here is a start, starting this Sunday, get info on how to fight back, it will take a few days before they can get the state by state docs up- just launched, sorry to preempt that:

Candidate Home


With HIV Crisp-r ed into the Franken V, antibodies/immunity blocked:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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