Seattle woman triggered when man confronts her over road rage

I have to ask–is this normal behavior? It seems to be the new norm.

SEATTLE (INTELLIHUB) — A man named Carlos Dillard filmed an apparently schizophrenic woman named Karen who could not settle down on Monday after Dillard confronted her for flipping him, break-checking, and following him on a public roadway moments prior.

Karen could be seen and heard screaming at the top of her lungs in a rather high pitch tone as Dillard calmly confronted her.

Dillard Tweeted: “This Karen cut me off, break checked some almost causing a accident flipped me off and called me out of my name. She didn’t know I had time today.”

“You cut me off and flipped me off and you are now playing the victim,” Dillard said. “Maam, I am not attacking you–you flipped me off and you thought you would get away with it–you didn’t think I would find you.”

Dillard claims the woman also called him by a derogatory term.

What bizarre behavior.

Withal, I am sure it’s safe to say that the woman is a liberal.

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Author: Shepard Ambellas


2 thoughts on “Seattle woman triggered when man confronts her over road rage”

  1. her name is not Karen , he was mocking her .. he only mentioned allegedly “flipping him off” .. boohoo .. if she was “following him , cutting him off & break checking” dont you think this snowflake would have videoed it ? doxxing is what he did and its illegal in most stated .. she was hysterical because he was calling out to people “come get her” , “a mob” .. luckily this moron doesn’t have many followers .. Carlos Dillard is a slimy dirtball , and does this type of thing allot for attention … loser !!! stop it !!!