In Defense Of America

In Defense Of America

Tyler Durden

Wed, 06/03/2020 – 16:21

Submitted by Erico Matias Tavares of Sinclair & Co.

It is painful to observe what is happening in America right now. This is a fantastic, free and tolerant country – too tolerant perhaps when it comes to immediately generalizing the bad actions of a very few to the very many. And unfortunately I am seeing a lot of that in the US and abroad.

No country is perfect and all have difficult pasts. America is no different here.

But having lived all over the world, in many different countries and cultures, I can unequivocally state that America is the least racist and most open today. If anyone doubts this and falls for the mainstream narrative then I invite you to provide a better example in the comments section below.

The data supports this on many fronts, including immigration in recent decades of peoples from non-European backgrounds: tens of millions. Why would anyone move their family to a country where they will be “systemically oppressed” by “white supremacists”? This makes no sense of course. Because it is not true.

Police in America do not go around killing Black people. In 2019, nine unarmed Blacks were shot and killed by cops in a country of 320 million, compared with fifteen whites BTW (none of whom made national headlines).

Nine too many at first blush, but certainly not the pandemic that justifies dumping the Constitution, looting and burning cities to the ground.

I’m tangentially aware of the difficulties faced by Black people in the US, having closely interacted with many over the years. The narrative is that this is caused by White racism. Perhaps this is true in some instances – managing a multi-ethnic society is not easy (historically catastrophic, actually). However, growing up in a home without a father plays a far more deleterious role: 75% of Black children today live with a single parent.

That is a horrific statistic that should get far more publicity. It doesn’t because it doesn’t fit the narrative and actually perpetuates a problem that is socially and politically useful to a few – on the backs and suffering of too many Black families.

I could also talk about the disastrous impact that mass low-skilled immigration has had on Black communities all over America, as evidenced by recent Harvard studies.

But the real culprit here is an incompetent and corrupt governing class who with their media minions constantly agitate for racial division – including pushing hatred and demonization of cops and Whites in general – to distract from the real looting and plundering that is taking place: their own.

America, which is not my country, has given me a career, a corporate education, timeless entertainment, friends, a home where people of all races interact with and smile at each other in the street, and most important of all – my family.

It was because of the countless sacrifices of Americans that I was able to grow up in a part of the world free from communism, fascism and oppression. That is not nothing. The monuments that remind us of their bravery should be revered, not defaced or taken down.

I hope and pray that we don’t continue to use this difficult moment to bash this great country and push a narrative that is far from reality. Americans of all colors are good people.

Instead, we should build upon the many good things that have been achieved, with tremendous difficulty over centuries, and make them better – an example that other countries can follow.

If America fails, the world will be a far worse place as a result. Of that much we can all be certain.

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Author: Tyler Durden