#AmericanSpringPSYOP: Race War, Transnational Coup, HRC/Rosenstein, Sunrise #Covfefe

6/2: Day 8 of the C&P Race war pl_ndemic as #Obamagate hearings begin in Senate tomorrow with Rosenstein testimony. Transnational cabal funded operation American Spring is underway, the latest in Sor_s’ Color Revolutions, with all the same players. meanwhile, the Sunr_se Movement is set to be a Maoist-style youth movement in America to bring about H_ppytalism, the World Economic Forum and UN plan for a New World Economic Order…

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#Obamagate- Rod Rosenstein hearing tomorrow is what is REALLY happening:
Rod Rosenstein Testifies Tomorrow at 10:00am – What Questions Would You Ask?

Judicial Watch on HRC trying to dodge testifying on her treasonous email server:

Judicial Watch: Appellate Court Hearing on Clinton Email Testimony Tuesday – Hillary Clinton Seeks to Block Court Order Requiring Her to Testify

Covfefe means, I will stand up, in the end we will end the fight against Lucifer and the fallen angels:

Cloward & Piven wanted to use race wars to set up a universal basic income and bankrupt the US economy:

Keep watch on Millie Weaver, set to expose the Internationalist Fascist run Sunrise Movement, fueled by the De_p State Insurrectionists:

Aaron Berger, head of Sunrise Movement’s Asymmetric Solutions Corp., a paramilitary organization:

Who is Aaron Berger, member of World Economic Forum:

Who is Sunrise:

Who is the Momentum organization that’s training children:

Zach Exley, Rules for Revolutionaries author, who worked for Wikipedia and CAP, involved with Brand New Congress and New Democrats, Young Turks:

Sunrise, and black sun symbolism in fascism:

George Soros/Alexander Soros funded and orchestrated the take over of the American justice system on the State and local level:

Talia Marie Kelly, killed by a rioter in Davenport, IA. Her sister speaks out:

Black immigrant tells of protestors in DC:

Former BLM organizer, Chaziel Sunz, exposes DNC black operatives taking over:

BLM’s philosophical inspiration is Assata Shakur, BLA member and cop killer:

Why are radicals running our Justice system?

The UN cabal pushes "happytalism" for a global Prison Planet:

UN New Economic Paradigm

If you want to be recorded! You can sign up to read the UN whitepaper:


This what a transnational Prison Planet future looks like:
Please watch:

Hostis Humani Generis- Enemies Against All Humanity-Treason:

Offenses Against the Law of Nations

HHG was meant to stop slaver pirates!

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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