Freedom of the press no longer exists in America: CNN reporter arrested, Trump stands idle

Pretty soon, only state-sponsored media outlets and reporters will exist as Minnesota governor, State Police, proverbially shred Constitution

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (INTELLIHUB) — Freedom of the press is a thing of the past in America and virtually no longer exists. In fact, things have gotten so bad that even far-left leaning outlets such as CNN have now found themselves in the crosshairs of a tyrannical government that seeks nothing less than to gain full and total control of its citizenry.

Against everything America was founded on, a reported working for CNN and his production team were arrested Friday morning for merely doing their jobs.

The reporter was on air at the time of his arrest conducting what appeared to be a stellar broadcast (not typical for CNN) in which he covered the aftermath of the Thursday night riots.

The reporter and his crew were causing no harm to anyone and were posing no threat as State Police dressed in riot gear took them away.

The unconstitutional arrest was carried out the Minnesota State Police who were called in under orders from Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz.

President Donald Trump remains idle and has yet to address the matter.

Withal, it appears the U.S. is quickly falling into communism.

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Author: Lexi Morgan