#COVFEFE: Trump SM EO, GSK, 3D Pr. Organs, New Dawn, #Elysium #Dragnet

5/28: Today, TRUMP signs EO to fight FANG censorship! Meanwhile, we learn commercial space corps plan bring big med to space to 3-d print human organs. Em-Kay U ltra in CT…

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Meaning of Covfefe:
Cuvfefe’ Mystery Solved…

Trump’s Executive Order will give users the right to report Censorship:

States ordered nursing homes to take COVID-19 residents and thousands died

We now have the UN posting a NWO website based on Happiness!

UN New Economic Paradigm

YOU, too, can be a Cee Vee T racer!

UK Corp will produce 1 billion doses of adjuvents for FrankenV V A X:



Ped-o Livestreamer David Deakin gets life in Prison in the Phillipines:

Peter Manfredonia, Connecticut Homicide Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Your own stem cells are yours, you can use them to save your own organs!


Commercial space stations to be used by Big Med for 3d Organ Printing:

3D Printing Organs in Space

Please watch Sarah Westall’s unveiling of CONTRALAND: a documentary by Craig Sawyer , Navy Seal, on busting ped-ophiles– most of them Government and military connected:

Please view The Fullerton Informer on 5g/ Airconditoning upgrades in schools:

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Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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