Courageous Dog Owner Dies After Running Into Burning House to Rescue Six Puppies

For many people who share a special bond with their pets, it’s not rare to see them go the extra mile to protect their furry companions. One woman from the Philippines lost her life after she went into a burning house to save her dogs that were trapped inside.

Michelle Mirasol, 36, from Bacolod Province, ran outside her house on May 21, 2020, as flames erupted in her house, with her family managing to grab three of her nine dogs and leaving them in a garden, according to The Daily Mail.

Courageous Mirasol then made another trip inside the house that was engulfed by fire to rescue six other puppies that were inside a cage, next to the bathroom. However, in an attempt to save them, Mirasol, unfortunately, lost her life.

She managed to save three but succumbing to smoke while trying to rescue the rest. Heartbreaking.

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Investigations determined that the fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring in the living room ceiling and began at approximately 6:15 a.m. While Mirasol’s parents and son managed to get out unscathed, she couldn’t bear the idea of leaving the rest of her puppies inside.

According to Fire Marshall Chief Inspector Publio Ploteña, Mirasol was found dead in the bathroom with a damp towel that she probably used to cover her face in order to protect herself from the thick smoke. Ploteña believes that Mirasol might have died of suffocation.

Five out of six puppies that were trapped inside perished alongside their beloved owner. One of them was saved by firemen.

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According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, her family yelled so that she could come out of the house, but by then the blaze had intensified.

Ploteña said that in addition to taking Mirasol’s life and those of her dogs, the fire was responsible for 100,000 Philippine pesos (US$1,976) worth of damage. While Mirasol’s 16-year-old son, Michael Patrick, escaped the fire, he suffered minor burns as a result.

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Although Mirasol’s level of devotion to her animals isn’t in question, Ploteña mentioned that her death was an illustration of the dangers of trying to enter a burning building. “Protect yourself, you only have one life,” the fire marshal emphasized, according to The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, animal lovers in the Pacific Rim country are praising Mirasol’s level of concern for her pets’ well-being. A non-profit animal advocacy organization PAWSsion Project, based in Bacolod, described her tragic death as “heartbreaking” in a Facebook post. They added, “Our sincerest condolences to the bereaved family. But our highest respect goes out to you Michelle.”

They noted that “[t]o some, the dogs are just but properties, things”; however, they added, for “[p]eople like Michelle, they are family. And family means no one gets left behind.”

PAWSsion Project’s founder, Malou Perez, also took to Facebook on May 22, 2020, sharing Mirasol’s sacrifice. In a detailed post, she wrote: “As I was looking at her face inside the casket, I didnt see a face who struggled from the fire. I saw a face of worry.”

Perez also shared in her post that after she spoke to Mirasol’s best friend and mom, she became aware that Mirasol really loved her dogs. Additionally, she noted that Mirasol, who was battling depression and anxiety, changed after the dogs came into her life. She was known to spend a lot of money on caring for them and treated them as her own kids. Perez also provided an update that the three dogs that managed to survive will be cared for by her best friend.

Concluding her post, Perez wrote, “know that you will forever be remembered as a selfless furmom.”

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Author: Robert Jay Watson