Masonic connections, identity duplexing? More about the cop that murdered George Floyd

Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman uncovers shocking new details about police involvement in the death of George Floyd

(INTELLIHUB)Crowdsource the Truth founder Jason Goodman has uncovered startling details surrounding the identity of the cop who appears to have purposefully murdered Minneapolis resident George Floyd on Monday by pressing all of his body weight down onto Floyd’s neck while Floyd was being pinned down by several other officers.

The City of Minneapolis Police Department has released the names of two officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao who were involved in the incident which lead to the death of the Minnesota man.

Shockingly, when Goodman conducted a name search on Derek Chauvin he found an email address linked to Chauvin that starts with “b.thao@.” This is odd considering that the other officer that was named in the incident also shares the same last name. Not to mention, the number 33, a masonic reference, showed up in multiple addresses listed for the officer, as pointed out by Goodman.

“Chavin also goes by the name of Bao Thao” which makes him all that much more suspicious of an individual.

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Author: Staff Writer