#BlackLivesMatter protesters attack wheelchairbound elderly woman with fire extinguisher

“She stabbing people! … She got a knife!”

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (INTELLIHUB) — A group of Black Lives Matter supporters were filmed behind at a local Target store on Wednesday attacking an elderly woman in a wheelchair as she purportedly fought off looters with a knife following the police killing of city resident George Floyd.

The wheelchairbound woman was captured on video blocking a doorway in what can only be considered a failed attempt to keep thieves at bay.

“She stabbing people!” One of the protesters yelled in broken English. “She got a knife!”

That’s about the time another protester from the crowd hosed the woman by discharging an entire fire extinguisher canister into her face at nearly point-blank range.

This is what the world has been reduced to.

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Author: Staff Writer