Montana man arrested for driving on public road in America: COVID crackdown

Park rangers enforce unconstitutional and tyrannical orders given by Montana Governor Stephen Bullock

(INTELLIHUB) — Montana resident Tyler Vance was arrested on Friday after attempting to make his way to Cooke City for essential work by driving on Hwy 202’s Beartooth Pass which runs through Yellowstone National Park and the entire incident was captured on video.

“Somebody has got to stand up for our rights,” the man said as he was getting pulled over by several park rangers. “…that’s how it is.”

Vance’s arrest comes after Montana Governor Stephen Bullock issued unconstitutional orders making the domain off-limits to travelers in spite of their God-given right.

Under the Fifth Amendment U.S. citizens are able to travel freely without having to show a permit. However, this Vance’s fundamental right to travel appears to have been infringed upon by the government agents who chose to enforce tyranny instead.

Welcome to the new America.


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Author: Lexi Morgan