Meteor streaks across Portland sky burning long and bright

They just keep coming and coming… one after another… There has been no shortage of Near-earth earthbound objects in recent days

PORTLAND, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — A large meteor was captured on camera streaking across the evening sky on Thursday as debris trailed.

The giant fireball wasn’t the first to the like of which we’ve seen lately either. As a matter of fact the red hot space rock is just one of many that have been captured on video in recent weeks.

And that wasn’t the only place the meteor was spotted. It appears the Fiat-sized ball of superheated dirt also was spotted over Spokane, Washington.

As a caveat, an additional fireball was seen over Daylesford, Victoria.

Tasmania on Friday…

Is the Earth passing through a massive debris field in space?

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Author: Lexi Morgan