Man Lost a Massive 475 Pounds After Doctors Warned Him That He Wouldn’t Make It to 40

When doctors told Carlos Orosco, from Zilwaukee in Michigan, who was severely obese, that he was unlikely to survive past his early forties, he decided to take action. He changed his unhealthy eating habits so that he could undergo weight loss surgery. The man then continued his journey by losing an incredible 475 pounds (approx. 215 kg) in five years.

At 38 years old, Orosco weighed 651 pounds (approx. 295 kg). He had always been a larger man but started piling up the extra pounds after moving out from his parents’ home and living on his own in his late 20s.

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As Orosco was on his own, he started to consume some unhealthy food options such as “fried foods, fast foods, breads, soda, and alcohol,” according to Today.

When he was 38, he knew that things needed to change, as he started experiencing severe health issues such as blood infection that was leading to ulcers in his legs. “The symptoms only got worse from my weight, and I met with a surgeon to discuss a sleeve gastrectomy,” Orosco further added.

It was at that appointment that the doctor cautioned him that if he didn’t make necessary changes, he wouldn’t have much longer left to live.

“So I made it through the rest of the appointment, left the office, sat on the bumper of my car and broke down crying for a long time, before regaining my composure. The fear of losing my life was made a reality to me that morning, and it was a feeling that I had never felt before,” Orosco told People.

He immediately cut out fast food, fried foods, breads, soda and alcohol, and with regular walks, he managed to lose 100 lbs. in six months.

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A weight loss surgery was scheduled within six months, after his consultation that day. The surgeon had advised Orosco he needed to lose 100 pounds (approx. 45 kg) on his own within the time frame that was set. That’s when Orosco started making serious changes with his eating habits, which included cutting out fast food and alochol and shifting to fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the changes in his diet, Orosco also included light exercise in the form of walking to his daily routine. “The first few months were really tough. I was constantly fighting urges and cried myself to sleep many nights,” he told Today. However, within six months, he lost 95 pounds (approx. 43 kg).

In December 2016, Orosco underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, which removed over 75 percent of his stomach. He then continued his weight loss journey and maintained a healthy diet over the years. However, the process was anything but easy. “A lot of people see the before and after, and some see having a bariatric procedure as an easy way to solve the weight issue, but in actuality it is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, and have to work on every day,” he said.

I wore these size 78 jeans, when I was 38 years old, and weighed 650 pounds. Today I turned 41 years old, weigh 185…

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In the fall of 2017, Orosco, who continued walking, developed a passion for running. “I ran my first 5K in honor of a friend who had recently passed away,” he told Today. “I felt so much love and support from the people cheering me on and other runners that I kept at it.”

After that, Orosco immediately fell in love with running. He especially liked the pre and post environment and the supportive nature of people.

Since then, 43-year-old Orosco has participated in over 35 races. He has completed 8K runs, including a full marathon that he ran in Detroit on Oct. 20, 2019. “I finally feel like I’m living my best life,” he said.

What a difference a year can make! #CFCUStPats

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On March 2, 2020, Orosco wrote on his Facebook: “I’m excited, honored, and very humbled to have been selected as a Race Ambassador for the 2020 Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon.”

Watch the video: 

Man to run Detroit Free Press Marathon after losing 475 pounds

Carlos Orosco lost 475 pounds. Today, he’s running in the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon, his first marathon. Good luck, Carlos!

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Author: Lori C. Summers