Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates $1 Million in Masks, Protective Gear to Frontline Responders

Action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has donated $1 million in personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in Los Angeles at the front line of the CCP virus outbreak.

In a video, the former California governor shared on Facebook on April 1, 2020, an unboxing of one of the deliveries of equipment for L.A.’s front line medical staff. The actor tears open a cardboard box to verify its contents and unveils multipacks of the crucial, coveted N95 mask.

“That’s exactly what everyone is looking for,” Schwarzenegger explained. “It keeps them healthy and fit, and alive. Mission accomplished.” He then thanks a hospital staffer for orchestrating the order and delivery of the vital equipment.

Terminator star Schwarzenegger, 72, originally posted about the Frontline Responders Fund on his Instagram account on March 24, 2020, writing: “I never believed in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are, I always believed we should all do our part to make things better.”

“This is a simple way to protect our real action heroes on the frontlines in our hospitals, and I’m proud to be part of it,” he further added, posting a link to the mission’s GoFundMe page. “I donated 1 million dollars, and I hope that all of you who can will step up to support these heroes.”

To date, the fund has raised $6.1 million of a $10 million goal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps Hospital Workers

Arnold Schwarzenegger just donated $1,000,000 in masks and protective gear to hospital workers.

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The fundraising operation is overseen by, a group that helps organizations to deliver international aid and impact with greater ease and lower costs, and that is currently focusing on getting the supplies required by front line health workers to combat the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.

Helping with funds for vital equipment is not the first move Schwarzenegger has made since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The actor has postponed his 2020 Arnold Sports Festival to prevent the spread of the virus. He has also shared videos of his personally designed “equipment-free” home workout program on social media to encourage others to keep fit while isolating.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attends the Fan Footage Event of “Terminator Genisys” at Vue Westfield in London, England, on June 17, 2015 (©Getty Images | Ben A. Pruchnie)

In a bid to inform and inspire others to increase their social distancing measures, the veteran actor has even filmed a series of PSA-style videos featuring his family’s farm animals. In one video posted on Twitter on March 15, Schwarzenegger feeds his donkey and mini-pony, Whiskey and Lulu, while urging his viewers to respect the restrictions.

“The important thing is that you stay at home, because there’s a curfew now,” Schwarzenegger told his fans. “No one is allowed out, especially someone who is 72 years old.”

“No more restaurants; forget all that,” he continued. “Gatherings, restaurants, gymnasiums are out the window. You stay home.”

Dr. Stuart Malcolm with Haight Ashbury Free Clinic speaks with homeless people about the CCP virus in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco, California, on March 17, 2020. (©Getty Images | JOSH EDELSON)

Numerous other celebrities have also come out to help add to relief funds during the CCP virus crisis.

According to USA Today, Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation donated $5 million to relief efforts on March 21, and just 10 days later, the singer announced that she was pledging an additional $1 million to help undocumented workers, senior citizens, front line healthcare workers, and the homeless populations of Los Angeles and New York City.

Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey has pledged $1 million to America’s Food Fund to help people struggling to obtain the supplies they need during the crisis.

Touro University Nevada medical staff prepare to conduct screenings at a temporary homeless shelter in a parking lot at Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 28, 2020. (©Getty Images | Ethan Miller)

In urging others to contribute to the Frontline Responders Fund should funds allow, Schwarzenegger referred to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff on the front lines as “the real action heroes of this crisis.” In a statement posted on the fund’s GoFundMe page, he added, “I just play one in the movies.”

He continued: “We have an opportunity and a responsibility to provide them with personal protective equipment right now, to keep them safe as they fight this virus.”

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Author: Louise Bevan