Adam Schiff’s Dereliction of Duty Regarding Communist China

If ever there were a textbook case in Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it is Rep. Adam Schiff of California. Since the start of Trump’s presidency he has been at the forefront of investigating the administration and the president with an avidity that approaches, even surpasses, if that is possible, monomania.

In doing so he has been a font of disinformation that might make the KGB blush. First was the bogus Russia probe and the lies surrounding the FISA court, then the endless impeachment over an ambiguous phone call and, as of last week, his proposal for a “9-11” style commission to study the U.S. response to the virus, no doubt with the president in the crosshairs.

But, as usual, Schiff is barking up the wrong TDS tree, this time to the extent of dereliction of his duty as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

The investigation by his committee that should be undertaken is the role of China—specifically the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because this was not the work or fault of the Chinese people—in deliberately deceiving the world about the provenance and extent of the novel coronavirus.

If that is not the mission of the HPSCI, what is?

Full hearings would obviously be tabled in the present, socially-distant environment, but the ground work, with an announcement, should be laid now.

And evidence abounds, much of it hiding in plain sight, of the CCP’s culpability, like the recent revelation that China, although the world’s greatest manufacturer of medical masks, imported over two billion masks in January and February before alerting the world to the extent of the problem, helping to create the shortage under which we currently live.

That behavior’s implications for global preparation for the pandemic are manifest in the mortality figures in many countries, including and especially the United States, but are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. (The CCP has now been exporting much smaller numbers of the masks for obvious propaganda purposes.)

Many other often extreme examples of CCP malfeasance, including evidence of the drastic underreporting of cases and deaths and the withholding of crucial data, regarding the virus are available here at The Epoch Times.

What interests me, however, is why Schiff and his colleagues in the Democratic Party and the media choose to focus their attention away from this monumental threat and, as if sublimating in the traditional Freudian sense, onto Trump.

I have written earlier that we suffer from two pandemics— the obvious Medical Pandemic and a Politics Pandemic. The two reinforce each other.

In this instance, the Politics Pandemic is pushing attention away from the primary problem in the service of a partisan blame game. Yes, mistakes have been made in response to the virus—how could it be otherwise in such a cataclysm—but the source of the disaster must be isolated and (hopefully) forced to mend its ways in order to prevent similar and possibly more threatening cataclysms to come.

Another recent report suggests the source of the virus was not the presumed animal market but may have been caused by a grisly accident at a Wuhan research lab that was covered up by the CCP. Even under current circumstances, shouldn’t the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence be looking into that?

But Schiff and his partner in impeachment crime, Speaker Pelosi, prefer to direct attention domestically to Trump. Beyond the reflexive hyper-partisanship that has been with us for some time, this is a deflection motivated by self-defense, fear that the illegitimate, possibly even criminal, instigation of the impeachment enterprise is about to be revealed. (Added to this, of course, are potential revelations from John Durham that implicate the Democratic Party in the fabricated Russia probe.)

According to John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), December testimony by the intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson before the HPSCI exposes lies by the “whistle-blower— you know, the guy whose identity everybody knows but isn’t supposed to say— and Schiff that would render the entire impeachment a fraud is being blocked from publication by Schiff. That Atkinson has just been fired by Trump (to the consternation of the usual suspects) enhances curiosity about the content of his testimony.

If that testimony is truly a smoking gun or even something close—and who could doubt it the way that travesty of justice transpired—no wonder Schiff is behaving the way he does. Ignoring the CCP’s lethal activities is the least of it when your own survival is at stake.

Roger L. Simon is The Epoch Times’ senior political columnist. He is also a prize-winning author and an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter. His most recent novel is “The GOAT,” possibly a diverting entertainment while self-isolating.

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Author: Roger L. Simon


One thought on “Adam Schiff’s Dereliction of Duty Regarding Communist China”

  1. “China, although the world’s greatest manufacturer of medical masks, imported over two billion masks in January and February before alerting the world to the extent of the problem”

    On Jan 21, based on information from China, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the risk of pandemic high, and in China very high, announced human-to-human transmission, and recommended temperature screening for fevers for travelers coming from countries with cases of infections.

    I hate Schiff, I think he is a weasel and he is too divisive to chair any commission. Get Newt Gingrich to do it, he was in S.Korea a country which has less than 200 deaths and started taking action on 1/7 based on information from WHO/China. He saw that they handled things differently.