Meet Winnie, an Adorable Cocker Spaniel That Has Melted Hearts With Her Enchanting Eyes

An adorable cocker spaniel puppy with the most breathtaking eyes has been captivating users all over the internet. The pooch is only 5 months old but already has an impressive Instagram following of over 400,000 followers.

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Play timeeeee for me! I LOVE my toys😋

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Meet Winnie, a little cocker spaniel from the United Kingdom that was born on Oct. 28, 2019. According to Bored Panda, Winnie’s owners, Ellée and Tom, have been chronicling her life since she was in the womb. Remarkably, the first photo is of an ultrasound scan.

Ever since the little puppy opened her gorgeous eyes, she has been charming social media users.

Winnie’s hazel-colored eyes along with her beautiful eyelashes look almost too human. Those captivating “puppy eyes” have been compared to the character Lady from the Disney Movie “The Lady and the Tramp.” As it turns out, Lady from the movie was herself a cocker spaniel.

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Got to try out my new bed today, 11/10

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The puppy’s various antics are featured on her popular Instagram account, from being dressed in cute outfits to playing with her toys, or simply posing for the camera.

Videos of her are even featured on the popular video-sharing app TikTok, where she has over 180,000 followers. A seven-second clip of her jumping around has received more than 10 million views.

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Merry woofmas everyone!!

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Several Instagram commentators have wondered whether Winne is actually real. One social media user wrote, “The eye lashes look like human lashes, hope she hasn’t that they glued on!” the comment read.

Thanks to her remarkable eyes, this enchanting little puppy was even compared to a Disney princess by several people. “She’s a Disney princess who deserves her own “fairy-tail.” She’s perfect,” one such comment read.

While another one commented, “I hope we see ya in a movie one day.”

Faced with photos of such a beautiful-looking puppy, many Instagram followers would have liked to see the mother, and some even asked for details on Winnie’s breeder. However, no such information has been released.

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I can read your mind… you think I’m adorable?

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Unsurprisingly, a puppy so gorgeous as Winnie even includes celebrities on her list of fans. According to the Mirror, pop singer Rita Ora once shared one of her pictures on her own Instagram story.

However, Winnie’s good looks seem to run in the family; her brother, Presley, has long lashes too and more than 70,000 followers on Instagram. According to an Instagram story, the two siblings don’t live together but meet often.

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How cute do I look with my new tag from @fullmoodstones where if you type WINNIE you can get 10% off!

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Cocker spaniels are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. According to Dog Time, this canine breed makes excellent companions.

Due to their relatively small size, cocker spaniels, like Winnie, can easily adapt to living in apartments or small houses. While energetic, they also enjoy a good snuggle session on the couch with people.

Puppies from this breed are generally good with children, friendly, and able to get along with other animals. Training them shouldn’t be too much hard work as they are responsive and intelligent.

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Author: Lori C. Summers