CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Test Positive For COVID-19

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Test Positive For COVID-19

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin just confirmed on Instagram that she has tested positive for COVID-19, joining her colleague, Chris Cuomo, among the more than 1 million people around the world who have been infected.

Baldwin, a star reporter on America’s most trusted Fake News organization, said on Instagram that she is “OKAY” and has “chills, aches, fever.”

During one recent news report shared on Baldwin’s twitter account, she can be heard acknowledging that some small studies have shown the malaria and lupus drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine (which can purportedly be used, sometimes together with azythromycin, to alleviate sometimes deadly symptoms) promoted by President Trump – which CNN had earlier bashed – actually have been shown to help COVID-19 patients.

Hopefully, Baldwin won’t need those – or any – prescription medication to deal with the virus as her body fights it off. We also hope she doesn’t have crazy nightmares and chip a tooth like her colleague, Chris Cuomo. Before people start accusing Cuomo of passing it to his colleague, CNN hasn’t said anything about how the virus spread. 

Tyler Durden

Fri, 04/03/2020 – 13:30

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  1. People do not understand this is an Airborne disease….Social distancing in a high class office is problematic. The Ventilation system SPREADS it…. The First Anchor was a wake up call…. no one realized it…. take heed folks…..