Seniors citizens, others in Italy treated like cattle headed for slaughter, beaten, taken to camps

Shock footage reveals reality of COVID-19 police and military response

(INTELLIHUB) — The Italian government is now sending police and military to abuse and detain elderly citizens in what can only be described as a Nazi Germany level imposition of authoritarian state power in the name of the invisible enemy known as the coronavirus.

As society breaks down, it appears the government needs to be hard on people out and about who look as if they are doing nothing but trying to live their lives.

The above footage details the reality of what is going on in Italy and shows that Italian officials are following the communist Chinese extermination model lockstep as the U.S. and other governments worldwide prepare for the same measures. With the breakdown of society, we will see more and more of this.

This type of stuff is happening during a full pandemic lockdown and people don’t think the U.S. military is going to step in soon? This is during a “shelter-in-place” order.

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Author: Staff Writer