This shocking video proves the U.S. is falling into martial law, despite what Sen. Marco Rubio, others, claim

(INTELLIHUB) — Although United States government officials such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio want the American people to believe that everything is okay and that military martial law is not an option the military progression and breakdown of society over the last few weeks shows otherwise.

Shelves have been picked bare in grocery stores across the U.S. as over 200 million residents remain on lockdown.

Gun sales have been banned in some U.S. cities and all non-essential businesses in locked down sectors have been forced to close.

Ammunition has nearly been sold out nationwide.

Texas man claims if you violate mandated order you face 180 days in jail per violation and a $1,500 fine

The scene on Friday, somewhere in California…

More tanks sitting on railcars in downtown Los Angeles…

Tanks, tanks, and more tanks!

Additional military equipment being relocated throughout the CONUS.

Man in L.A. pulled over by police for driving in a so-called “free country” amid the COVID-19 crisis. Watch how the cop treats the man as if he is a criminal or a terrorist. Keep in mind, this is in America!

Is martial law in America coming?

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Author: Staff Writer