#COVFEFE: EASTER! 10 Days, Cuomo, Foreskins, Qu_nine #WWG1WGA

3/24: Today, POTUS tells us Easter is a significant (end) date and that Main Street gets the biggest stimulus support ever- $500B. Meanwhile, we see that PEPF_R, traffics in foreskins and natural quin_ne has been used for 500 years to treat fever/malaria, etc…

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Fees for Our Friends: The Scandal that Taints Andrew Cuomo

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Judy Mikovits, Whistleblower on Plague of Corruption:

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John Kerry ‘Funneled’ State Department Funds to Daughter’s Organization?




Dr. Jerome Adams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Alpha Zebra in 2010 predicting the China CV:

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