The Code, by Carl P. Munck Volume 1

Carl P. Munck narrates his hand illustrated masterpiece, The Code (1994). Broken into 3 parts, this ground-breaking documentary de-codes global monuments and peers into the mathematics of ancient times to reveal a world-wide mathematical Geo-positioning global matrix of monuments, connected and inter-related through mathematics.

The coining of the word archaeocryptography is attributed to Carl P. Munck, who after retiring from the United States military in the late 1970s began studying cartographic material, among other topics, trying to search for better answers as to why certain megalithic monument exist. This led him to a formula he believes the ancients used to place and design various megalithic monuments. Munck explaines how calculations using selected numbers or dimensions found in global megalithic monuments and Egyptian pyramids yield the latitude or longitude of the site. However, in Munck’s calculations, the prime meridian does not run through Greenwich as in modern times, but through the Great Pyramid in Giza as it did in ancient times. His theory is known simply as "The Code".

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Author: Connecting The Dots