Australia Puts Iran on Travel Ban Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Australia’s government intends to implement a ban on travelers coming from Iran, according to local reports.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt announced after a National Security Council meeting on Saturday that the new travel restrictions will apply from March 1, and cited a “high death rate” in Iran for the decision, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

The announcement comes after following a case that was confirmed in Australia in an individual who went undetected upon leaving Iran.

The ban will stipulate that people cannot travel from Iran to Australia for 14 days—they will have to spend the time in a third country before being allowed into Australia.

The exception is for Australian citizens and permanent residents coming from Iran, but they will still need to isolate themselves for 14 days after arriving into Australia.

The travel advice for those in Australia is to be upgraded for Iran to “do not travel.”

Australia currently has a total of 25 cases of the coronavirus, 15 of which have reportedly recovered, and the rest are in a stable condition. No deaths have been reported.

Iran has an official record of 388 cases of coronavirus and 34 deaths. This is the highest known mortality rate for the coronavirus outbreak outside China if going by official numbers.

This article is subject to further updates.

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Author: Mimi Nguyen Ly