Where did all the bodies go? Highrise has only 7 tenant rooms lit up at night, usually has hundreds

Building’s population “plummeted 95%” almost overnight

HUBEI PROVENCE, China (INTELLIHUB) — Only about 7 rooms remain lit up in a city highrise that usually has hundreds upon hundreds of tenant families.

David Ng Tweets:

Many tweeters only rely on the information on Twitter and have no idea of the current horrors in Wuhan! This photo was taken by my friend in Wuhan in an instant! Opposite his house is a “30-storey” high-rise building, and now only “7 households” are on! The entire building is usually lit! Now Wuhan has really become a ghost town and raccoon market! There are only 5 households in his own home! Although it is an old house, it is also very exaggerated! How serious the epidemic is!

A second Tweet by David Ng elaborates on the current situation a bit more:

This 30-story residential building in Wuhan is not new! Usually, homes are lit! Now on the 30th floor, there are only 7 families left! Assuming 4 units on the ground floor (in fact, there will be more), the current situation of the building is only 5.8%! Plummeted 95%! Wuhan ran 5 million, and now 9 million, that is, 64% of the population is in Wuhan! How to explain the 95% drop in residential residents? ? Excluding those who ran away, there should be 77 lights in this building! There are only 7 households now!

Where have all the people gone?

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