Things in China are getting worse as COVID-19 spreads: Videos

A brief look at what is currently taking place inside China amid the Coronavirus outbreak

(INTELLIHUB) — The situation in China continues to deteriorate as the deadly COVID-19 Coronavirus strain spreads among the populace.

Snatch and grabs have become commonplace across the land. However, no one really knows where all the people are being taken or what their fate will be.

Police and military are marching in force down city streets in an effort to thwart the sick and hungry from taking to the streets as most supplies have run out.

Wartime martial law is in full effect.

Anyone not wearing a mask in public will be detained.

Listen to the horror show at night.

Thugs have been given “police” vests to help round up the sick and weak.

Do the suits and masks even work?

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Author: Lexi Morgan