Man With ‘Endorse Bernie Already’ Sign Removed From Warren Event

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Presidential Primary Debate In Des Moines, Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was met in Arlington, Va., Thursday night with a sign encouraging her to endorse rival Bernie Sanders, who has outpaced her in both of the first two primary states.

The man holding the sign urging Warren to “endorse Bernie already” was removed from the Warren campaign event, according to CNN reporter Daniella Diaz, who said it was because the sign was blocking media cameras.

Warren’s support has plummeted since she was leading national polls in October. Her campaign recently cut more than $1.2 million worth of television ads in Nevada and South Carolina after she failed to get out of the single digits in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Warren placed fourth in the Granite State, which neighbors her home state of Massachusetts, and received no delegates.

Sanders, meanwhile, received the most votes in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and has emerged as the primary’s frontrunner.

Warren became the first presidential candidate, however, to visit Virginia following the two early primary contests. The Virginia primary will be held on March 3.

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