DoD orders NORTHCOM: Plan to “respond to and mitigate biological threats”

  • Snatch and grab teams have been approved and are now active on American soil!
  • American citizens suspected of being infected with COVID19 will be detained by military personnel before being quarantined at the closest military installation.
  • Citizens suspected of having come in contact with an infected person or persons will also be detained and quarantined at the nearest military installation.

(INTELLIHUB) — The U.S. Defense Department ordered Northern Command (NORTHCOM) on Wednesday to prepare to respond to and mitigate biological threats within the homeland putting emphasis on readiness levels at U.S. and allied installations and public health emergencies.

The order “provides direction to ensure mission assurance and readiness for public health emergencies.” (i.e. it’s a step by step playbook on how to set up and initiate martial law inside the U.S. ahead of a pandemic)

According to Reference F (REF/F/MSGID:DOC/YMD:20171204//) in the order:

MCO 6220.2 Disease Containment Planning which provides guidance to respond to and mitigate biological events with public health emergency implications and aligns organizational roles and responsibilities within the Marine Corps for Disease Containment Planning (DCP) activities.

Additionally, the order reveals that the “current threat of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has raised concern that this virus could result in a pandemic disease.”

Rhetoric in the order suggests that the DoD is indeed expecting a full-fledged pandemic.

The Marine Corps’ response to a pandemic outbreak focuses on five major areas:  1) Force Health Protection (FHP); 2) Disease Containment Planning (DCP) and Readiness; 3) Continuity of Operations (COOP); 4) Defense Support of Civilian Authorities (DSCA); and 5) Support to U.S. Government response efforts.

The order goes on to state that the situation is “rapidly evolving.” This can only mean one thing — martial law is nigh.

Keep in mind, just one week ago I warned on record that martial law is coming.

Catch it all in the following video posted to YouTube titled Coronavirus Intel/Recon Request: Military vehicle and troop movements in CONUS ahead of martial law.

Managing editor of Human Events Ian Miles Chong Tweeted the following message in response to the Marine Corps quarantine:

New footage from Marine Corps Station Miramar in San Diego, where one girl suspected of carrying the coronavirus (COVID-19) is under quarantine. The crew’s in full protective gear. Not as dangerous as the flu, huh?


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Author: Shepard Ambellas