How to Foster Family Relationships With 5 Simple Activities

Few aspects of life are as important as the strength of our family relationships. Yet, day to day it’s all too easy to live within our individual bubbles, existing together but separately within our individual responsibilities and spheres. The modern technology that purports to connect us actually further exacerbates disconnection—even within our own homes.

Fostering strong family relationships these days calls for a certain amount of intention. Here are five simple activities you can intentionally incorporate into your family life to strengthen those relationships. The benefits of making your family relationships a top priority can last for a lifetime.

No matter how old your children get, share stories together with them. (Shutterstock)


Whether it’s the regular routine at breakfast where the whole family connects and checks in, the bedtime routine at night with lots of snuggles, storybooks, and chitchat, or the ways in which you mark special occasions and holidays, rituals bond comfort every member of the family. 

The details of these precious moments, many of which may seem ordinary and forgettable at the time, make lasting memories about the essence of your family’s character. 

Rituals are predictable, comforting, and full of love and warmth. They can be simple or extravagant, but they’ll always be special to precisely your family and will always be something you share.

Reading Aloud

No matter how old your children get, share stories together with them. Whether you read aloud to them or you all enjoy an audiobook together, diving into a wonderfully told story can lead to interesting conversations and certain delight. Make this part of who your family is—a family that reads together. You’ll bond over some of the best gifts life has to offer.

Family Projects

Take on a challenging project together. Whether it’s a giant jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table, a charity endeavor with a goal in mind, or cooking a nice dinner, dive in and work together on a project. You’ll remember it forever and the singular focus will foster a deeper connection.

Board Game Night

Playing board games together is one of the easiest ways to connect with your family. It’s difficult to multitask when you’re playing a board game. Everyone is focused on the same activity. Phones are put away, perhaps nice music plays in the background, a few choice snacks keep everyone going, and it’s just plain fun.

Adventures force you to put aside all of the things that call for your attention day-to-day. (Shutterstock)

Family Adventures

My favorite way to deepen family connection is through family adventures. Whether you’re camping in the backyard, taking a day trip to a new museum, or venturing out to explore a different corner of the world, embarking on an adventure as a family is one of the most enriching and connecting things you could possibly do together. 

Adventures force you to put aside all of the things that call for your attention day-to-day. The change in scenery, routine, and experience—coupled with the unknown, the sense of wonder, and excitement, and the surprises and delights shared along the way—make family adventures totally worthwhile and valuable, especially in today’s day and age.

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Author: Barbara Danza