#RESTART: Iran Ops, MEK, Prince Harry/Giustra, Nader Pedo, Pel_si Threats #WWG1WGA

1/13: Today we see RESTART offer a 72 hour ultimatum to Tehran before the revolutionary group undertakes what they call PLAN B for an armed uprising in Iran. This threat is being censored by all media….Meanwhile, Pel_si threatens that President Trump will never be allowed to take office in 2020.

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Watch the announcement by RESTART:

English Translation of Iranian Opposition Group Issuing Ultimatum to Tehran

Frank Giustra, the ukrainian billionaire involved in Uranium 1 & DS covert ops owns the estate where Prince Harry/Markle living:
Frank Giustra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


TRUreporting gives info on the Ontario nuclear warning yesterday and the call for role players for possible FF in BC, CAN:




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