No, Joe Rogan, Jesus Was Not A Psychedelic Mushroom

The idea that Jesus came into the world as a communal acid trip is itself far more likely to be the result of people like Joe Rogan tripping on ‘shrooms than the truth.

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Author: Hans Fiene


One thought on “No, Joe Rogan, Jesus Was Not A Psychedelic Mushroom”

  1. There is sooooooo much evidence connecting psychedelics to every major religion… its absurd to throw it off. Smh I thought those of us on the right were supposed to be the open minded crowd that questions everything? What was it T. Jefferson said? Oh yeah… “When it comes to God, above all things fix reason firmly in her seat, and question with BOLDNESS even the very existence of God! For if there be a God… surely he must honor the homage of honest questioning, over blind folded faith/fear.👍