Google Quietly Entered the Pharmaceutical Business and is Now Silencing Its Competitors in Natural Health

In response to having his science-based content arbitrarily de-platformed from Google’s search results back in June, Dr. Joseph Mercola of the popular health website is boldly sounding the alarm about Google’s quiet entry into the pharmaceutical business, and how this is negatively affecting the overall functionality and integrity of Google’s search engine.

Despite being one of the most renowned physicians in the world, Dr. Mercola has effectively been blackballed from Google for supposedly spreading “misinformation” about health. Never mind the fact that he’s a board-certified physician with a highly successful practice, Dr. Mercola is now being treated by Google like some kind of “Russian bot” that has to be censored for violating the companies nebulous “community guidelines.”

The truth is merely that Dr. Mercola’s health philosophies, which are wildly popular all around the world, contradict the establishment narrative, and thus have to be silenced. And with Google now operating as its own pharmaceutical company, it only makes sense that this subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. is swapping out Dr. Mercola’s content and replacing it with Google’s pro-drug, pro-vaccine propaganda.

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Author: Alexander Light