#GowdyProvesPast: Q, Trumping Impeachment- Atkinson, Barry, Hill #BEAUTIFULSOUNDS

10/9: Today, we see Trey Gowdy reenter the arena on the Trump legal team, we see the Trump Administration refuse to participate in the illegal impeachment inquiry and we see Antifa announcing attacks tomorrow as POTUS goes to MN for a massive sold rally and, it turns out, Antifa is trained by ISIS!

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Katie G, Citizens Investigative Report: Gowdy/Q:

Ethiopian Woman Prays for at the Black Youth Leadership Conference:

President Trump today on Spies in the Whitehouse:

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Sketchy Inspector General Michael Atkinson Admits ‘Whistle-blower’ Never Informed Him of Contact With Schiff Committee…


Rep Brian Mast (R-FL) motion to remove Pelosi as Speaker:


Trump Was Worried HR McMaster or Fiona Hill Would Spy on His Conversation with Putin


Trump Was Worried HR McMaster or Fiona Hill Would Spy on His Conversation with Putin


George Webb on who set up Biden Blackberries:

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George Webb today: How did Trump Know it was Turkey Arming ISIS:

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Telizhenko live audio reporting on Biden/DNC Ukraine crimes:

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