According to the Andromedans, the Greys Have Enslaved Our Souls

The Dow are a small group of Greys that are responsible for many abduction/detentions.

They have very little emotional development, but do possess very strong telepathic powers. These powers are often used to deceive and conceal their true motives and objectives. Their race is struggling to assure their own self-preservation but, as of yet, they have not met with any true success. Unable to attach a soul to their own hybrid bodies, they must strip off energy layers of abductee’s soul bodies.

This energy is then “fed” to infant hybrids in attempts to sustain their life. This same technology is also used to disembody, capture, and contain a soul for future use. They are clearly regressive in nature.

The Dow have their heritage in the system of Zeta Reticuli, with their original place of origin being the star called M-2, in Zeta Reticuli II. Their home sun had burned out and their planet destroyed many thousands of years ago.

Actual picture of Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien. Here is the story behind the picture. Its body is covered in antiseptic goo and its eyes are covered by black contact lenses (their eyes actually have vertical slits, similar to cats, and they wear protection because our sun is much too powerful for them).

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Author: Alexander Light