CNN Reports on Peach Emoji Representing Trump Impeachment Efforts

CNN reported Monday on the use of a specific emoji that is apparently describing the Democratic Party’s impeachment efforts. The cable news network published a video on the peach emoji being used in discussing Trump’s impeachment.

The video, entitled, “Trump puts the ‘peach’ in impeachment,” highlighted how a singer “slapped a peach emoji” in a tweet, which then became a symbol of the impeachment movement on the Internet. The chyron in the video read, “Im-peach-ment emoji: Sign of the times,” to further drive home the point of a peach emoji energizing the pro-impeachment movement and its activists. The segment also noted that the peach emoji with Trump’s likeness was placed on t-shirts and pillowcases and made available for purchase by other third parties.

The CNN video also reminded viewers that Trump’s critics often called Trump an orange due to his skin tone and color, with multiple media references of Trump resembling an orange.

It was an unserious piece of journalism and CNN should be ashamed of promoting one-sided perspectives such as this. It is not important that a simple peach emoji caught fire on social media, which often does not represent the majority of opinions in the country or in the world. For example, Twitter has increasingly become an echo chamber where competing sides argue without reaching a compromise or agreement.

Although the video offered context, viewers deserved more serious news than a segment and video on a peach emoji and how it could relate to a Trump impeachment.

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Author: Spencer Irvine