Former Navy pilot details his UFO encounter off coast of Mexico

(INTELLIHUB) — Former United States Navy pilot Commander David Fravor appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Saturday where he told the former Fear Factor host about the time he encountered a highly advanced unidentified flying object off the coast of Mexico after the routine air defense exercise he was on was abruptly canceled by his superiors for real-world vector tasking.

The former U.S. Navy pilot told Rogan that he was sent out in an unarmed F-18 Hornet along with one other Hornet and their respective wingmen to investigate an incident off the coast of Mexico after state of the art radar systems aboard the USS Princeton and another aircraft carrier tracked numerous objects which had popped back up on radar after sporadically operating in the region for several weeks. That’s when Fravor went to investigate.

“As we are looking around we look to the right… and we see whitewater (a disturbance in the water)… about the size of a 747,” he explained. “What we see is this white Tic-Tac-looking object just above the surface of the water pointing north-south and it’s going north, south, east, west — it’s just radically moving forward, back, left, right at will and it’s moving around the disturbance — the whitewater that we see.”

It was about “40 feet long,” he said.

The event took place on November 14, 2004.

Watch the entire clip in the video above.

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