Facebook to Launch ‘Independent Supreme Court’ Body to Monitor Its Content

What’s behind the Facebook Independent Supreme Court?

Facebook has announced the formation of a new Oversight Board which will be in charge of content moderation on the social media giant’s platform. The new body was known previously and colloquially as the Facebook Independent Supreme Court. This nickname is apt for many reasons.

Facebook is not a private company but a quasi-governmental organization, and I use the word ‘quasi’ very generously in this context. Facebook has a background of accepting Military Intelligence seed money.

Its suspicious inception date suggests it is a continuation of DARPA’s LifeLog surveillance program. Like many big companies in the corporatocracy, FB has a revolving door at the top, accepting many former government officials (like Nick Clegg quoted below) into senior management positions.

A new Facebook Independent Supreme Court body has been launched to  moderate & censor content on the big social media platform.

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Author: Alexander Light