Watch: Porsche Taycan Laps Broken Down Tesla Model S At Nurburgring

Watch: Porsche Taycan Laps Broken Down Tesla Model S At Nurburgring

Elon Musk’s nerves were clearly rattled after the introduction of the Porsche Taycan, as we covered about a week ago. Seemingly shook up by the positive media coverage that the Taycan was getting, Musk quickly took to Twitter to announce that the Model S would be doing laps at the Nurburgring, where the Taycan recently set a record time of 7:42. 

The results of this effort to preserve Musk’s ego went just about as ridiculously as you’d think.

First, the company installed a Supercharger at the Nurburgring that appeared to be hooked up to a diesel generator. 

Then, without providing an official lap time, Tesla claimed in a Tweet that data indicated that their Model S could run a 7:20 and that it hoped to have another try when it comes back next month.

But did it run a 7:20 officially? No. If you believe that, we’ve got some solar roof tiles to sell you. 

As one astute Twitter user said:

Autoblog reported that the Model S had been “stripped of its interior” and had “decidedly non-production aggressive body work, more power, and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R competition tires.”

Then, to add insult to glorious injury, video surfaced of Tesla’s Model S, broken down on the course. 

And for the cherry on top, a fully functioning, non-broken down Porsche Taycan is seen lapping the Model S as it is towed off the course – twice. 

And while Tesla’s data may point to a modified vehicle that could beat the Taycan’s time, it’s worth noting that Porsche didn’t even run its top-end Turbo S at the course, but rather the slightly slower Turbo model. Porsche also didn’t gut its vehicle before running it. 

Maybe we can compare times again between the Turbo S and the Model S – that is, if the Tesla can make it a lap around the track without breaking down or exploding. 

Tyler Durden

Sat, 09/21/2019 – 08:45

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