JFK, MLK, OJ Simpson, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Nazi Dr Josef Mengele and Now Epstein – Another Controversial Case for ‘Celebrity Pathologist’

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) Within hours of Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Saturday (Aug 10), the internet was awash with conspiracy theories.

Though officials said the politically connected financier appeared to have committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial for multiple sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, skeptics immediately declared he had been murdered and debated which of his powerful acquaintances could have orchestrated the hit.

Others insisted, without evidence, that Epstein, 66, wasn’t really dead, and instead had been spirited away to an undisclosed location.

All this overheated speculation was par for the course when a high-profile person dies under unusual circumstances –– as Michael Baden, the “celebrity pathologist” hired by Epstein’s representatives to independently observe his autopsy, knows from firsthand experience.

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Author: Alexander Light