Kennel-bound Dog Escapes from Train and Braves 125 Miles of ‘Wolf-infested’ Wilderness to Return Home

An injured dog braved over 100 miles of bear- and wolf-infested wilderness to try and find the people who had abandoned her.

“She had walked and run for two and a half days,” kennel owner Alla Morozova told The Siberian Times. “Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up.”

Morozova sold the one-year-old Bullmastiff named Mura to a Russian couple about six months ago.

“I never give up my puppies and when a dog is bought,” Morozova told the publication, adding, “it is stipulated that the owners should inform me if they do not need a dog anymore.”

Mura’s owner said she was “allergic” to the animal and no longer wanted the dog. Morozova said the two had come to an arrangement for the dog to be returned to a kennel in Novosibirsk via Trans-Siberian railway.

Around 125 miles into the journey, however, during a brief stop at a small station near Achinsk, the dog used her paws to open the compartment door and escaped.

“Jumping out like a bullet,” Maru fled into the night. Morozova said the dog likely “had a panic attack.”

“She had been brought by her owners, then they disappeared somewhere,” Morozova said. “The noise of the train scared her.”

After train attendants were unable to retrieve Maru, the dog’s owners were contacted and asked to help search for the animal. They refused.

Morozova said they “were not upset at all,” adding “they gave the dog away and the load fell off their shoulders.” The kennel owner took it upon herself to find the missing dog, posting messages and handing out leaflets.

The missing dog was found two and a half days later in an industrial area of Krasnoyarsk, not far from where she had been living with her owners.

Morozova said Maru had injuries to her muzzle and the pads of her feet.

Volunteers who rescued her said she was exhausted and was “even in tears.”

The Siberian Times reported Maru was transported to the kennels in Novosibirsk and was being treated for her injuries.


The Daily Mail posted the story on its Facebook page, sparking numerous comments.

“This story just makes me so sad and I hope she finds a wonderful new family that never gives up on her,” one person wrote.

“I adopted a dog that was abandoned from her owners that had her since a puppy,” someone else commented. “Sometimes I see a sadness that she still looks for her old family. She was 6 and left behind in their old home. Makes me sad for her but we love on her so much. We hope to regain her trust and make her know her FOREVER home!”

“I sincerely hope the kennel owner keeps this brave darling. Such character as that dog shows is worth breeding,” said another.

Dog ‘Cries’ Every Night While She Awaits Adoption

Maru’s story recalls the case of a photo posted several years ago by the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) in Portales, New Mexico, of an apparently very sad dog at its shelter.

According to previous reports, the pup had been abandoned by her family and awaited adoption.

The photo showed the dog with what looked like tears coming out of its eyes, underscoring the pitiful situation of a shelter-confined animal abandoned by its owners.

The report noted that since dogs don’t cry tears of sadness the way humans do, the liquid probably indicated a problem with her eyes.

But the tears caught the attention of animal lovers and soon offers of adoption came pouring in.

The dog was adopted, with the Humane Society posting the good news on its Facebook page, to enthusiastic comments.

“Thank you for adoption,” one person wrote. “She deserves to have a family and love.”

“Bless all those who adopt,” wrote another.

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Author: Tom Ozimek