Trump 2020: Illegal Immigration, US Economy, Tariffs, DSA & More—Trump Campaign’s Marc Lotter

With 16 months left before the 2020 Presidential election, where do things stand for the Trump campaign?

Alongside the US economy and illegal immigration, what are the key campaign issues and challenges today, through the eyes of Trump 2020 strategist Marc Lotter?

This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

Today we sit down with the Director of Strategic Communications for the Trump 2020 campaign, Marc Lotter. Marc previously served as Special Assistant to President Trump and as Press Secretary to Vice President Mike Pence.

We discuss the key issues for the Trump 2020 campaign: the booming economy, the census controversy, the US border crisis, China tariffs, the environment, President Trump’s stance on Iran, and how the President has enacted many of his campaign promises.

We also look at how the democratic field of candidates has adopted increasingly radical, socialist policies that would have, in Lotter’s view, been unthinkable just a decade ago.

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Author: Jan Jekielek