The 5G Agenda Could Turn Us All Into Conscious Activists

by Richard Enos (excerpt)

If you are still defining your reality based on a mainstream perception – which you probably aren’t if you’re reading this article – then what you will hear about the rollout of the 5G network is that it will be a boon to humankind in so many ways.

Much faster data transmission rates, greater connectivity for the new ‘Internet of Things’ model, and a burgeoning market with tremendous investment opportunities.

What you will hear little to nothing about from the mainstream are the myriad of dangers to human health and the science that has already accumulated to support this, the potential for the 5G grid to accommodate inescapable surveillance of everything we do, the capacity of 5G beams to be used as Directed Energy Weapons and escalate the ‘Targeted Individuals’ programs, the ability of 5G to enhance existing mind control and mood control operations, and even the possibility that 5G is part of the terraforming of the planet that will see to the extermination of human beings and the accommodation of extraterrestrial life forms.

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Author: Alexander Light