Family Abandons ‘Paralyzed’ Pup to Be Put Down. But Hours Later, the Vet Sees a Miracle

When a 6-week-old puppy living with her adoptive family in California appeared to have lost the ability to walk, she also lost her chance at life. Her owners, convinced that the pup was paralyzed, took her to the local vet and asked if the puppy could be put to sleep.

The vet, however, was not so quick to make a diagnosis.

The vet ran a series of tests on the tiny pup, originally named Bo, and the results were eye-opening. Not only was Bo not paralyzed, but her condition was easily treatable. There was absolutely no need for this puppy to be put down.

Bo, who was shortly renamed Bella, had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The vet called Piper Wood, founder of California rescue organization Hand in Paw, and explained the young puppy’s situation. Wood immediately agreed to take her into the rescue center’s care.

But why had the puppy collapsed? “Maybe they weren’t feeding her enough,” Wood suggested to The Dodo, “and her blood sugar was too low.” Allegedly, the puppy had also been taken away from her mother too early, a sure-fire way to tempt numerous health problems. Healthy Pets advises that puppies should remain with their mothers for at least two months before being homed.

Look at our new baby, Bo! Her former owners brought her in to our vet yesterday. They said she was paralyzed. They stated that they didn’t want her, immediately signed her over, refusing any treatment (except euthanasia), and just left! Dr. Z immediately began treatment, and within 10 minutes, this girl was moving around. Today, she is standing and eating on her own! She is only 6 weeks old, but will certainly have a full, wonderful life ahead! ♡

Hand in Paw စာစုတင်ရာတွင် အသုံးပြုမှု ၂၀၁၇၊ မေ ၁၀၊ ဗုဒ္ဓဟူးနေ့

“She was very quiet, especially for a puppy,” Wood explained. “You could tell that she was very scared,” the dog rescuer added, having observed the abandoned pup shaking in her cage.

However, after just two hours at the vet clinic, something amazing happened to Bella. “She was able to stand up,” Wood exclaimed. “She was a little shaky, but she was standing up, and eating on her own.” Bella had one more minor ailment to fix: a case of “puppy strangles,” an uncommon but treatable skin condition.

Photo courtesy of Piper Wood

She was given IV fluids and the love she needed to feel cozy and comfortable. She made a rapid recovery. “It was a pretty simple fix,” Wood shared. All the little pup really needed was an accurate diagnosis and the right care and attention. Bella’s treatment, far from breaking the bank, probably cost less than it would have cost to put her to sleep.

As she healed, the sweet little puppy’s confidence returned. Hand in Paw shared updates with their friends, fans, and followers on Facebook. But the best news? Bella quickly found her new forever home.

Photo courtesy of Piper Wood

Wood chaperoned the pup to her new abode and described the pleasure of seeing Bella playing joyfully for the very first time. “She was playing with, like, 10 different toys at once,” Wood shared, “running around, and she was so happy. She feels at home now.”

After Bella’s extraordinary turnaround, Wood had some kind but serious advice for other pet owners: it’s imperative to explore your pet’s health with a vet before making decisions. Many animals are put to sleep for easily treatable medical conditions, and it needn’t be that way.

Photo courtesy of Piper Wood

“If you’re going to get a dog or any animal, they are a family member,” Wood advised. “If you’re not ready to deal with health issues that come up, and you’re not prepared to give them what they need,” the animal rescuer continued, “then you probably shouldn’t have an animal.”

Little Bella is a shining example of the miracles that can happen if we step up to our responsibilities as pet owners. Pets are vulnerable, and we owe them the very best love and care when things go wrong. Thanks to one vet’s sneaking suspicion that Bella would be okay, the little dog now has a “beautiful, full life ahead of her,” Wood said.

Many other pets deserve the same happy ending.

Photo courtesy of Piper Wood

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Author: Louise Bevan