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7/5: Yesterday, Independence Day, America and the world witnessed President Trump announce to the NWO that the USA is Sovereign and always will be. It behooves all Americans to be The People, the change, the instruments of Freedom, as put forth by the Founders in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution!

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Please get educated on Common Law and how YOU can participate in the 2nd Am Rev by learning the Constitution, Common Law, acting locally and what it means to have government by consent, as intended by the Founders:

President Trump’s complete remarks at July 4th Tribute to USA!


Citizens Investigative Report, Katie G, does an excellent report on Q’s announcement of God & Country arriving July 4th. The Patriot’s Fight Board link is in her description:


Antifa Tried to Buy Guns from Mexican Cartel

Please watch President Trump’s Tucker Carlson interview from Monday, very revealing!

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